Creating wealth by investing in property has been a catchcry for many, many years. With the constant stream of information that comes to us through the media and internet this is not a secret that the wealthy and powerful can keep to themselves any longer.

Whilst there are certainly other methods for wealth creation, such as building a share portfolio, the property market is the one constant that can always be relied upon to continuously grow whereas the volatility of the share market has burnt many an investor’s fingers.

This does not mean property investment is easy. There are many issues to consider when assessing a potential investment property.

Important things to consider when assessing a Potential Property Investment

Selecting the right property for you to invest your money can be a lengthy process for the beginner investor. An experienced investor will be able to pick up on essential factors immediately. These would include such information as:

•     Is the property in a good suburb where appropriate growth can be expected?

•     Where are the closest schools, doctor’s surgery, shopping centre or hospital?

•     Is there public transport in the area?

•     What developments are slated for the area in the future?

Whilst these issues are very important, an experienced investor will go deeper for information or may already have certain facts to hand that will either increase or decrease the desirability of a particular property. For instance, there may be a major development taking place sometime in the future that will bring growth to the area, including such things as major shopping centres, transport, et cetera. If this were to happen then you need to know what major feeder roads will be created as you do not want your quiet little street to become a busy one. Infrastructure will need to be added into the scenario and may impinge on the property’s potential growth. There could even be the possibility of property resumptions.

There is someone to Guide You

The Fountain Property Group was established with the property investor in mind. The team at Fountain Property Group are well aware that property has long been a method used for measuring wealth and their proven plan will boost you into financial freedom much quicker than you envisioned. In fact, it is their mission to assist you in building your family’s wealth, using the proven formula they have created.

Creating wealth by investing in property has never been easier with professional support and guidance. The hard work has been done on all of the properties presented to you. All due diligence is taken when considering a property for their portfolio. A property must satisfy all criteria to become a Fountain Property Group investment property.

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Dorian Traill is the current Director of Grand Capital Finance Group and Fountain Property Group. He specialize in home loans for people as well as helping them build wealth through quality investment properties that ultimately lead to long term financial freedom.