5 Property Problems to Avoid

When purchasing an investment property, it is imperative that an inspection is conducted to ensure that the property does not only look good from the outside. Inspecting the property also saves you from thousands of dollars of unexpected repair and maintenance. Here are 5 property problems you need to avoid.

Water damage. Signs of water damage […]

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Deloitte: Queensland Set to Overtake All States in Economic Growth

Speaking at an international investor roadshow, Treasurer Curtis Pitt agrees with Deloitte’s assessment of Queensland’s economy for the upcoming years, citing tourism, agriculture, housing and growing LNG exports as major strengths of the Sunshine State.

Deloitte’s Queensland Business outlook for September predicts Queensland to outperform all other states in economic growth for the next two years. […]

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6 Tips to Increase Office Productivity

No matter what type of business you run, there are several things you can do to improve productivity. Businesses should be aware of this constant need, as there are a lot of things that can drop employee motivation and affect productivity.  By making sure that productivity-killers are addressed, you can ensure a healthy working environment […]

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How to Find the Right Property Manager

Property Management is a crucial part of your investment, as more Australians invest in property. Choosing the right property manager will help you in the day to day tasks of handling your investments. There is more to just collecting rent in managing your investment property. A property manager is tasked to address tenant issues, property […]

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Buy Low, Sell High – Living The Dream

Ever since it was discovered there was money to be made in property the adage Buy Low Sell High has been coined. It’s true this is the investor’s dream.

There’s just one teeny tiny issue with this tactic – the market in Australia has not been in a low for some time. Certainly, at the end […]

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Which One Do You Go For: Rental Growth Or Capital Growth?

There are basically two types of property investors on the market today, those who purchase property to sell it, and those who purchase to lease. So, how hard can it be?

Rental properties in the right growth areas provide you with a steady cash flow, and the ability to pay off mortgage at the same time. […]

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First Home Buyers: How to Save Up For Your First home

Planning for your first home is perhaps the biggest financial commitment you will make in your life. Getting it right the first time is crucial, so it is best to have a financial plan laid out to help guide you as you get on your way to achieving the home of your dreams.
Have a clear […]

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What Is The Right Home Loan Type For You?

When looking for the perfect home loan, you need to have a clear understanding of 2 basic principles: The loan principal – which is the amount you borrow, and the loan interest – the amount you pay to borrow the money.  Most lenders will align their loan types around these 2 principles. Here are some […]

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Mortgages – Fixed Or Variable?

As property investment consultants and builders of wealth, one of the most common questions we get asked is what sort of mortgage should I go for? Fixed or variable? In fact it is the number one question mortgage brokers around the world get asked by every single one of their clients.

Whilst the crew at Fountain […]

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Tax Savings: The Quick And Easy Way

Planning for tax deductions when completing your tax return can be tedious, especially if you are unsure of claims you can qualify. Interestingly, there are some expenses that will allow you to qualify for a tax deduction, provided that these are directly deducted to your income. Here are some of the tax deductions you can […]

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