Cash Rate Decisions By Reserve Bank Influence Lending Rates

Investing in “bricks and mortar” has for many years been the pathway to financial independence for thousands of Australians. Our real estate market has performed well overall, and our taxation system provides additional incentives that make owning investment properties attractive.
Low Interest Rates Not the Whole Story
One of the drivers of the growth in this sector […]

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Mortgage Repayments – A Different Approach

Everyone with a mortgage looks forward to the day when the last payment is made and this financial commitment is no longer necessary. Whether the mortgage is over the family home or an investment property, the euphoric feeling is the same. With it come new possibilities as the money that has been set aside regularly […]

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Do Changes to the Aussie Dollar Actually Mean Anything to the Property Market?

There is always speculation about whether fluctuations in the Australian Dollar are going to affect the property market. This is how many newspapers and forums get your attention. The headlines alone, whether the Aussie dollar is going up or down, are enough to create further speculation.

So what does it mean to the average home buyer […]

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Low Interest Rates Continue – Let’s Party

Here in Australia we are so lucky to continue to experience low interest rates. Long gone are the days of escalating rates that took people’s homes and livelihoods away from them.

Through careful observation the Reserve Bank of Australia continues to monitor and control the rates we pay on our mortgages and keeps them as low […]

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Time Management Tips To Improve Productivity

It is common for people to get lost with work in the office and lose track of important tasks that can help boost one’s productivity in the workplace. Here are several things you can try to improve your time management and get the important things done.

Analyse tasks. Make use of your time and effort for […]

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Deloitte: Queensland Set to Overtake All States in Economic Growth

Speaking at an international investor roadshow, Treasurer Curtis Pitt agrees with Deloitte’s assessment of Queensland’s economy for the upcoming years, citing tourism, agriculture, housing and growing LNG exports as major strengths of the Sunshine State.

Deloitte’s Queensland Business outlook for September predicts Queensland to outperform all other states in economic growth for the next two years. […]

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RBA Rate Cuts: How Low Can You Go?

The Interest Rate has dropped by 25 basis points to a historic 2% last 6 May 2015 to further stimulate the economy and has raised concerns on the current state of the housing market. The Reserve Bank, in its decision has shown signs of further rate cuts, stating that “The board will continue to assess […]

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SQM Research: Interest Rate Cuts A Certainty

The official cash rate is currently at record low levels and has remained at 2.5% since 2013. Since then, more market analysts are convinced that interest rate cuts are ahead for 2015.
SQM Research recently forecasted interest rate cuts as a “dead certainty” if the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority pushes forward with their lending restriction plans. […]

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Super Funds Impressive For 2014, Cautious For 2015

Superannuation funds in the country posted impressive results for 2014 as it returned 7.5% for 2014, according to SuperRatings.
Despite the impressive performance, founder Jeff Bresnahan believes that superfunds may under deliver, citing that the 2014 performance that beat inflation may be hard to continue for 2015. Super funds finished above the average of 6.3% for […]

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RBA To Consider Rate Cuts In 2015

The Reserve Bank has discussed the possibility of further rate cuts for next year, according to the recent release of their December 2 meeting – their last for the year.
The RBA decided to keep the interest rate at 2.5%, believing that this is enough to stimulate growth in the economy. However, further policy easing may […]

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