How To Reduce The Risks That Cause Financial Failure

There are some life events and circumstances that can derail efforts to achieve financial independence. Some of them are out of our control like natural disasters and accidents, but our society has developed products such as life and health insurance to mitigate the consequences. “Lifestyle” diseases can also be controlled by making better food and […]

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Mortgage Repayments – A Different Approach

Everyone with a mortgage looks forward to the day when the last payment is made and this financial commitment is no longer necessary. Whether the mortgage is over the family home or an investment property, the euphoric feeling is the same. With it come new possibilities as the money that has been set aside regularly […]

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Bringing It All Into Perspective

There is a lot of conjecture out there in the market about the ability of young people today being able to afford a mortgage. After reading this you may just believe that the truth Is – it’s all in how you manage your money in the first place. Surprise! Surprise! Nothing has changed about that […]

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Is Credit Card Debt Destroying Your Home Owner Dreams

The data that is evolving regarding credit cards is that people are applying for them at a younger and younger age.

One of the greatest flaws in this reporting is comparing the Generation Y’s with older folk of 65 years of age. It has been reported that the average 65 year old applied for their first […]

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Employer Funded Super – Helping It Work Harder

There is no doubt that investing in just about any kind of superfund is better than doing nothing. For some recently retiring baby boomers and the streams to follow them until 2028, there will be a vast number who will fall short of the dollar value required for them to retire comfortably with.

As this system […]

What Do The Banks Look For?

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned property investor your lending institution possesses important criteria that must be satisfied if you are to proceed down the road of investing, growing and holding your wealth in real estate.
So what do the lending institutions look for when considering the benefits and risks of lending money?
We […]

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Tax Savings: The Quick And Easy Way

Planning for tax deductions when completing your tax return can be tedious, especially if you are unsure of claims you can qualify. Interestingly, there are some expenses that will allow you to qualify for a tax deduction, provided that these are directly deducted to your income. Here are some of the tax deductions you can […]

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Why Should You Teach Your Children Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is an important aspect of overall wellness that is often ignored and not passed on to the next generation. How many parents take the time to teach their children the basics of finance – such as savings and investments? To make things worse, children are given the wrong impression about money – that […]

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Gen Y Disconnected From Legal Financial Advice

A recent survey shows that Gen Y barely relies on certified financial planners for financial advice, depending much of their decisions and strategies on family, friends and even on banks before considering help from financial advisers.
The 2013 RaboDirect National Savings & Debt Barometer (NSDB) found that 36% of the respondents from Generation Y relied on […]

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Financial Advisers Missing Out a Lot on SEO

Financial advisers are missing out on a lot of business opportunities for overlooking Search Engine Optimization (SEO), according to Communications Consultant for i-Impact Group president Claudio Pannunzio.
He believes that financial advisers should take the time to monitor their ratings in search engines to see their online presence and performance. SEO also gives financial advisers the […]

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