Boosting the Size of Your Portfolio with Unused Equity

The goal of most property investors is to have a portfolio of sufficient size and diversity that they are able to weather any economic downturn and still have enough assets to generate a reasonable income. This goal is achievable as long as investors understand the fundamentals of the real estate market, and they have some […]

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How To Reduce The Risks That Cause Financial Failure

There are some life events and circumstances that can derail efforts to achieve financial independence. Some of them are out of our control like natural disasters and accidents, but our society has developed products such as life and health insurance to mitigate the consequences. “Lifestyle” diseases can also be controlled by making better food and […]

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You Are Never Too Young To Invest In Property

Most young people starting out make sacrifices to become independent. They may work low-paying casual jobs to pay for university or complete an apprenticeship to get qualifications. If they leave home to access these opportunities, they usually forego new clothes and entertainment, and even eat poorly to pay rent and transport costs.
Enjoy Success but Temper […]

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Mortgage Repayments – A Different Approach

Everyone with a mortgage looks forward to the day when the last payment is made and this financial commitment is no longer necessary. Whether the mortgage is over the family home or an investment property, the euphoric feeling is the same. With it come new possibilities as the money that has been set aside regularly […]

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Could Your Staff Handle a Fire Emergency?

Over the past couple of years there have been several major house fires around the Brisbane area involving complete property destruction and tragic loss of life. Smoke detectors that did not work, fires that started during the night when the family was sleeping and leaving candles burning were some of the causes. There have also […]

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Getting Into Property – An Alternative Approach

There has been much media comment lately about the Australian property market, much of it focused on the high prices being paid, especially in Sydney and Melbourne. This media conversation is bemoaning the likelihood that young Australians will never own their own homes like their parents did, and that they are being priced out of […]

Bringing It All Into Perspective

There is a lot of conjecture out there in the market about the ability of young people today being able to afford a mortgage. After reading this you may just believe that the truth Is – it’s all in how you manage your money in the first place. Surprise! Surprise! Nothing has changed about that […]

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What Are Clearance Rates In Real Estate Talk?

When you hear or think clearance rates you might be forgiven for thinking that there is a big sale going down somewhere and you better get in quick. Well, probably the only word in the last sentence that relates to real estate clearance rates is the word ‘sale’.

More importantly, clearance rates in this industry relate […]

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Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) – A Great Investment Strategy

Many Australians are becoming savvier about investment opportunities. With this in mind they are seeking ways to improve their retirement nest egg and reduce the flow of proceeds to the tax man—he who must be feared and revered.

The superannuation tide is turning and many of us are now choosing to take control of the greater […]

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Building Your Retirement Nest Egg

Did you know that you cannot insure a share portfolio or term deposit?

Any risk or negative outcomes that may evolve from a drop in the market in these two investment options cannot be protected in any way. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could end up paying off shares that are worth […]

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