Building Your Retirement Nest Egg

Did you know that you cannot insure a share portfolio or term deposit?

Any risk or negative outcomes that may evolve from a drop in the market in these two investment options cannot be protected in any way. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could end up paying off shares that are worth […]

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How to Find the Right Property Manager

Property Management is a crucial part of your investment, as more Australians invest in property. Choosing the right property manager will help you in the day to day tasks of handling your investments. There is more to just collecting rent in managing your investment property. A property manager is tasked to address tenant issues, property […]

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Do you need a Property Manager?

Property investors are often faced with the dilemma of choosing a property manager to maximise profit. Most people choose their property managers based on fees, but there are some considerations, because there is more to a property manager than just collecting rent.

You have to assess your personality and determine whether you have the ability to […]

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Finding The Right Mentor

If you are into property investment then you are in it to earn some form of remuneration. Now we are not saying that you cannot be in this industry for fun. We love this industry with a passion.

When you find your passion the work you do to achieve it becomes fun. We enjoy the triumph […]

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