How To Reduce The Risks That Cause Financial Failure

There are some life events and circumstances that can derail efforts to achieve financial independence. Some of them are out of our control like natural disasters and accidents, but our society has developed products such as life and health insurance to mitigate the consequences. “Lifestyle” diseases can also be controlled by making better food and […]

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Employer Funded Super – Helping It Work Harder

There is no doubt that investing in just about any kind of superfund is better than doing nothing. For some recently retiring baby boomers and the streams to follow them until 2028, there will be a vast number who will fall short of the dollar value required for them to retire comfortably with.

As this system […]

Building Your Own Retirement Fund

For some, the luxury of relying on employer funded superannuation is just not an option.

As employer funded superannuation only came into existence in 1992 there are many people staring down the barrel of retirement with roughly 20 years’ contributions to their funds.

This style of retirement planning can be a great advantage if you are 20 […]

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