About Us

Fountain Property Group is a one stop solution for people interested in residential investment properties. Investment properties can be a fantastic vehicle for people to build their investment portfolio and to subsequently obtain independent wealth to support them into retirement. To be effective, you need the right property and structure to achieve the best results.

Going out to the local real estate agent and buying an existing house down the road (so you can keep an eye on it) may not achieve the best results.

Properties need to be carefully selected based on sound principles. Important considerations such as location to infrastructure, socio-economic considerations, demographics, quality and supply of tenants, desirable local features, potential capital growth and maintenance expectations to name but a few.

Fountain have developed a proven formula through the experience of the Principal who has over 15 years experience in Real Estate. Along with Fountain Property Group, we have a close alliance with Grand Capital Finance Group who are fully licensed finance brokers and financial planners with 24 year in mortgage lending experience and 13 years experience in Financial planning between their directors.

Fountain Property Group is an approved investment property specialists for GPS Wealth. All our recommended properties have been thoroughly researched and inspected for their rental potential, capital growth and quality construction so that when you invest in a Fountain Property Group property, you know you’re getting a quality property every time.

But it’s not just about the property, it’s the entire package that makes a good investment property such a good investment. We have assembled a team of experts in Finance, Accounting and Legal fields to ensure building wealth through investment property is smooth, professional and successful.

The system so easy for you to use that all you need to do is give us a call on 1300 137 689 and enjoy the journey!

Dorian Traill, Principal