Are You Ready To Invest In a Property?

Many people want to get into the property investment market and with good reason. When you do it right, investing in property has the potential to be a very fruitful expedition. The best way to take the step into property investment is with an expert at your side.

At Fountain Property Group we have the experience and knowledge that can help you achieve your goal to reach financial freedom and more. Here are some tips and advice about investing in property that you may find useful to begin the process.

How is your budget?

The most important thing to have in order for property investment is your budget and income. Property investment does not only involve making mortgage repayments. You will also have rates bills and body corporate fees if it’s a unit or townhouse.

You also need to factor in paying a property manager and funds to cover any repairs and maintenance needed. With this in mind you need to plan your budget well. Ideally, you will have some extra cash flow left over rather than just have enough.

Plan with an expert

There is plenty of information available now about teaching yourself to get into property investment but this leaves too much room for error. The best way to plan for success in buying an investment property is with an expert. Our Principal Dorian Traill specialises in home loans and in advising clients on purchasing the right property for their needs.

You can read as much as you like on how to invest but the only sure way is to take advice from professionals who know the business and who have been there before.

Don’t miss your opportunity

So many people try to wait for the right moment. They wait for interest rates to be right, for the market to be in the right place, for rents to be high. There will never be a moment when each facet of investing is perfectly right; there will always be something missing from the equation. The perfect moment to buy is when you are ready financially not when the time is right in the market.

Be prepared

There are no real guarantees for the future, only predictions. Body corporate fees and rates can rise, tenants can cancel leases early and plumbing can burst. There are so many things you can’t be 100% sure won’t happen, so it’s always best to plan for the worst.

If you’re ready to contact a team of professionals for guidance in property investment call us at Fountain Property Group on 1300 137 689 today.