Buy Low, Sell High – Living The Dream

Ever since it was discovered there was money to be made in property the adage Buy Low Sell High has been coined. It’s true this is the investor’s dream.

There’s just one teeny tiny issue with this tactic – the market in Australia has not been in a low for some time. Certainly, at the end of 2014 many of the top analysts in Australia predicted a drop in property values for 2015.

The truth is that this has just not happened. The reports in, so far, are supporting evidence of a slowdown in the number of sales but NOT in the values. It is looking like sunny skies ahead for most of Australia with some slowing in Darwin and Perth.

It would appear the drop in the Australian Dollar has attracted foreign investment and the prediction is for at least 2% growth in major capital cities to June 2018! So, if ‘buy low sell high’ is out then what strategy should you follow?

Unearthing the Gems in the Rough

At Fountain Property Group we believe there will always be gems, both in the rough and in their shining glory, just waiting to be discovered. Gentrification has created a whole new era in some of the older suburbs of both inner city and outlying areas.

The top real estate minds of Australia can only PREDICT what they believe will happen, based on past data. This is the same as choosing the winner for the Melbourne Cup!

With the information of horse, jockey, trainer, et cetera, you can select the top half dozen challengers and your number one may even be the number one but the odds…….?

Getting Down and Dirty in the Trenches

The crew at Fountain Property Group are working hard in the trenches, searching to discover those hidden gems. We do not operate from lofty penthouse office suites with data overflowing our files, just waiting for us to assess.

We are out there talking with vendors and scouting the suburbs ourselves in our quest to unearth the right properties for our clients. Yes, we pay attention to property data, but the field work is so important to ensure success.

Buying an investment property should not be a stressful experience and we are here to make it as simple as possible for all concerned.We believe that this motto is the key to our success and it is what brings our clients back year after year.

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