Buying For Your Future

When you decide to participate in the property market it is to build wealth and create a nest egg for your future dotage.

The key factor to remember when you decide to invest in this style of market is to remember the word “invest”.

By this we mean you need to look at a property, suburb, or city with an eye on the future growth of it.

You are not buying a home to live in yourself so you do not need to seek a bedroom for each child, close to your child’s school, with a yard big enough for the dog, vegetable patch, and chickens, et cetera.

An investment in property means you need to look at the high demand suburbs in your chosen city.

These suburbs will usually be within an eight kilometre radius of the city. They will offer reliable public transport, quality primary and high schools or even a university, a good selection of shops, medical services and employment opportunities.

If you can satisfy these criteria you can almost be assured that you are onto a winning deal.

But Wait There’s More

As an experienced good property group we understand and can source so much more than the above criteria.

Other options that absolutely must be considered include the following information

Is your suburb of choice filled with many rental options or are they scarce? Scarcity creates the mood for growth and the ability to attract good quality, long term tenants.

What is the style of the suburb you have chosen? Modern cookie cutter homes or something a little unique such as an Edwardian or Victorian home. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. The first will offer all the modern conveniences with no money to spend up front whilst the second will offer something special in its potential growth but may require some money spent to bring it up to speed.

This is where the expertise we at Fountain Property Group have to offer will prove itself time and time again as you move through the canals of property investing and development.

We understand the ebbs and flows of the market and as we are not real estate agents as such, locked into our own designated territory, we are able to move where the market calls us.

We conduct a full and complete assessment of a property to ascertain its potential growth, initial outlay costs, and rental potential.

Only after this thorough valuation has been completed and all the boxes have been ticked, will a property make its way into our books for recommendation.

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