Deloitte: Queensland Set to Overtake All States in Economic Growth

Speaking at an international investor roadshow, Treasurer Curtis Pitt agrees with Deloitte’s assessment of Queensland’s economy for the upcoming years, citing tourism, agriculture, housing and growing LNG exports as major strengths of the Sunshine State.

Deloitte’s Queensland Business outlook for September predicts Queensland to outperform all other states in economic growth for the next two years. Forecasts show that Queensland is set to record a 4.5% economic growth this fiscal year, and 4.0% in 2016 – 17.

Deloitte points out Queensland’s diverse economy as its major strength, as it has established industries in agribusiness, education, tourism and gas.

International visits are set to increase by 4.9% over the next three years.

Read more about this on the Australian Property Investor website.

Author: Dorian Traill

Dorian Traill is the current Director of Grand Capital Finance Group and Fountain Property Group. He specialize in home loans for people as well as helping them build wealth through quality investment properties that ultimately lead to long term financial freedom.

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