How To Spot A Fraudulent Testimonial

Testimonials are very powerful means of convincing one to purchase or invest. In the real estate sector, investors often come across testimonials in their search for the perfect property. More people are trying to find ways and means to convince clients – even if it means fabricating their testimonials.

Here are several ways you can spot a fraudulent testimonial:

Reviews from associated companies. You can always trust on a company to put in a good word for their associates. Be wary of reviews that offer promotional codes or discounts as well as duplicate reviews. Often, these companies also verbalize their disdain for the competition.

Email address validation. Check the email address associated with the review. Oftentimes if this is created by an automated program the email address will include a series of numbers at the end.

Advertisements. Be alerted if there are reviews that are endorsement heavy and tends to use industry standard terms. These testimonials are most likely not from individuals but rather from companies that make it appear as such.

Highly positive reviews. Normal reviews don’t sit at the far end of the review scale. Be wary of reviews that give out high praise. If the reviews are all exceptional, chances are, these reviews have either been filtered or have been fraudulently created.

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