Opportunity Knocks For Investors As Values Plummet

Queensland has had more than its share of natural disasters over the past couple of years, starting with the disastrous floods in 2011 followed by Cyclone Yasi, then the floods of 2013 that came in the wake of Cyclone Oswald. These severe weather events disrupted much of the normal cycle of economic activity in various areas of the state, and had an adverse affect on property values. Even in non-affected areas, the value of land was forced downwards as property sales shrunk.

Transactions had already plummeted to their lowest levels in a decade according to official figures released in early March 2012. Flood recovery efforts were well under way and confidence was returning to business and industry when the flooding from Oswald occurred early in 2013. For many of the same towns and communities it was déjà vu, as properties just cleaned up ready for occupation were again inundated.

Buy Now and Benefit Later in the Economic Cycle

By late 2013, the recovery process was again well under way and the silver lining looks like it has been found by investors. This is good news for our clients and for Fountain Property Group. With real estate sales and values both low, the opportunity is ripe for our investors to enter the market and grab some bargains. We know that real estate moves in cycles, and people who can enter the market now will reap the benefits when the values return later in the cycle.

Even if you have just started out building a portfolio, just one wise real estate investment can set you on the path to wealth. When you invest with Fountain Property Group, you are getting the benefit of our years of experience in the industry. We don’t just recommend any property, but conduct thorough research and evaluate against rental potential, capital growth and the quality of the construction.

Blue Chip Areas Just Waiting to Bounce Back

In the Brisbane area, for example, there are desirable properties in blue chip suburbs that have not yet recovered their pre-2011 values. These properties were not flooded although parts of the area were. These types of suburbs will bounce back quickly when the market turns around as well as being ideal for someone just starting out.

While our expertise is in real estate, our investor packages include the advice of teams of experts in the finance, accounting and legal professions. We have assembled a formidable team of experts so that our clients get the best opportunity to acquire sound properties that bring regular returns. If you want to take advantage of these historically low values, now is the time to contact us and start your wealth creation strategy.