Real Estate Is The Best Investment Vehicle

It is not a shallow claim that real estate is the best venture. The property market has proven itself time and time again as the most secure of all investments.

Sure, you will hit some dips and lows along the way. That is why real estate is the greatest security when taken as a long-term strategy.

We don’t need to spruik the pros of using ideal real estate investment as the foundation for any good portfolio. There is plenty of unbiased data out there confirming this. All the greatest millionaires hold the majority of their wealth in some form of real estate.

You will not find a single property anywhere that has not increased its value in the last ten years. Even the lowest block with the most unsightly view in the middle of nowhere has increased in value. It may not have been by much but it’s a fact.

Obviously, when investing in the property market you require the canny advice of experts who understand the ebbs and flows of this industry. When you find a skilled mentor, more than half the hard work is done.

Instead of a mediocre increase in value you will find yourself sitting in the front stalls as the value of your investment explodes beyond your wildest imaginings.  As the years progress you will find your money is working for you instead of the other way around.

Let Us Be Your Mentor

Dorian Traill, Principal and Director of Fountain Property Group, explains it like this.

We are not the local real estate agent where you can come and list your house and we market and sell it for you.

We are a company that sources properties for buyers and we are not restricted by the boundaries. As such, we have full flexibility to go wherever the market is hot and will continue to grow.

We source properties in these pinpointed areas and complete what is called full due diligence on them, to help us come to an agreement that it meets the strict criteria we demand be satisfied, before a property is recommended to our clients.

Our services go even further beyond this as we understand that the correct buying structure needs to be set up from the beginning to ensure that our clients also gain the maximum tax advantage.

Let us guide you from beginner through to seasoned entrepreneur with our proven programme.