State Comparison Of What Property Buyers Want

Property buyers are keen on certain demographics and each state has something enticing to offer. What are the factors that make buyers decide to purchase? You’ll be surprised at the difference in the deciding factors between states in a recent study by RealestateVIEW.

Victoria. Home buyers want a big sized kitchen, followed by garage and property sizes. A third of home buyers in Victoria will not compromise on being close to shops and other recreational places.

Sydney. A second toilet and bath in the house is important for home buyers in Sydney.

Western Australia. Home buyers from Western Australia are seeking property with good access to public transport, preferably homes that are close to work.

Queensland. Outdoor space is important, as well as the future value of the property in case they decide to sell.

South Australia. Outdoor space is also a requirement for South Australians and airconditioning is a must.

New South Wales. Buyers are keen on the property size.

Melbourne. House requirements are smaller compared to other states, for as long as the house is located close to shops and eateries.

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