Super On Pace To Break Post-GFC Record For Second Straight Year

Great news for the Superannuation industry. Super is predicted to gain 14.1% for this year shattering the record for gains after the Global Financial Crisis for the second straight year. For the past decade, super has returned on average 7%, just nearly half of this year’s figure.

Baby boomers and retirees are expecting high returns from their superannuation because of this trend, as calculations for a $100,000 investment in 2003 would be experiencing a 95% gain at $195,265 in today’s financial situation.

Read more about this on the Smart Company website.

Author: Dorian Traill

Dorian Traill is the current Director of Grand Capital Finance Group and Fountain Property Group. He specialize in home loans for people as well as helping them build wealth through quality investment properties that ultimately lead to long term financial freedom.

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