Superstitious Beliefs In Property Buying

Australian property has caught the fancy of foreign investors and it is no surprise that they have their own strategies and beliefs in purchasing. Whether foreign investors are driving property prices up or helping the economy, it is good practice to consider what entices them and what drives them away based on their superstitions.

Some cultures take superstitions as a regular part of their lives – even in their decision making. China, the originators of feng shui– a system of orienting buildings and surroundings with humans, is one of the biggest contributors in foreign investments in the country. Apart from where the structure is oriented, they are also particular with numerology, and believe that the number 8 is extremely lucky. Most believe that deceased estates are to be avoided as well.

Although there are several cultures that are not driven by superstition, it is helpful to understand these to attract and entice prospective investors and property renters.

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