Successful Property Investment Is Founded On Accurate Research

With the property market showing signs of recovery, buyers are out and about at inspections and auctions, getting a feel for prices and gearing up for a purchase. For first-time investors eager to get a foothold on the property ladder, now is a good time to do some serious market research before buying. Accepting good advice now will prevent much anxiety later.

At the Fountain Property Group we work with our new clients to make sure they fully understand the key issues that aid in successful investing. While some new investors have already done research and know the risks and rewards, there are many who are relying on our professional property investment advice to take the first step.

Every Investment Decision Should Support a Predetermined Goal

It is important at this point to establish with them their overall goal. If, for example, they are buying investment properties and hoping for a quick gain, then they are possibly looking at the wrong investment vehicle. On the other hand, if they are building a wealth creating portfolio over the long term, then well chosen investment properties will have many attractions for them.

Good investment decisions are almost always backed by current, sound research and this research shows our investors where and what type of property is in demand. If families are moving into an area with long-term prospects for growth, their rental preference will be for family homes on larger blocks, close to schools, sporting facilities, shopping and public transport. An area close to a CBD or major centre providing work opportunities, dining and club facilities, fitness centres and an active café culture would attract young professionals.

Right Property in Right Location will Attract Tenants

Investors need their properties tenanted, so selecting the right type of property for a particular area is crucial. Buying an apartment in a predominately family orientated suburb may find it empty for much of the year as tenant demand for such a property would not be as high as for a family home.

At Fountain Property Group we help our investors make good decisions, but we also discuss other issues like finance options, tax implications and cash flow. We prompt them to consider the best structure for their needs, how best to protect their asset, and the value of having experienced property management to source good tenants.

If our investors prosper, then so do we, so our professional investment advisors are always looking after the interests of our clients. If you want to start building your property portfolio with us, fill in the online enquiry form at and one of our team will contact you.

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