Time Management Tips To Improve Productivity

It is common for people to get lost with work in the office and lose track of important tasks that can help boost one’s productivity in the workplace. Here are several things you can try to improve your time management and get the important things done.

Analyse tasks. Make use of your time and effort for tasks that require immediate attention. If you have a task that you can do along with others in a single sitting, take note of these tasks and tackle them when the important ones have been accomplished.  Some tasks can take up much of your time but are not a priority, making you spend less time on those that need to be accomplished first.

Focus. There are several things you can do to re-focus.  If you need time to accomplish tasks and discourage interruptions, you might want to retreat to your office or cubicle. You wouldn’t want to do this for too long, take time to have breaks in between and mingle with your workmates for a quick chat.

Clear your clutter. A messy desk does not invite productivity because – like your clutter, your mind is all over the place all at once.  Clean up your desk and only have things that you are working on visible so that it captures your eyes and attention.

Take control of technology. Set certain times of the day to reply to email, and check it after lunch and before you leave the office, so that you can avoid losing the first couple of hours to technology.  Divert all your calls to voicemail, and set a time in the day to check it so that you can avoid distractions and get your tasks done.

Reminders. Make use of technology to organise tasks. Always take note of tasks that you plan to accomplish throughout the day – do not simply rely on remembering tasks without jotting it down.