Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) – A Great Investment Strategy

Many Australians are becoming savvier about investment opportunities. With this in mind they are seeking ways to improve their retirement nest egg and reduce the flow of proceeds to the tax man—he who must be feared and revered.

The superannuation tide is turning and many of us are now choosing to take control of the greater flexibility a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) can offer. Experienced investors and entrepreneurial mums and dads of the world are looking to secure their future by using this form of investment.

This is due to the generally higher payouts that can be gained and the amazing tax breaks offered. Another of the greatest advantages of this style of fund is the flexibility it offers.

Family members, (generally husband, and wife) have the ability to pool their resources, which allows them an inordinate advantage to invest in solid bricks and mortar as opposed to being at the mercy of what an employer funded superannuation may deem a reliable investment – this would usually entail a series of options with varying risks and rewards, typically in the share market.

Flexibility is not the only advantage, however. Other attractive benefits include vastly lower fees and the ability to create an estate plan that is designed to cater for the individual.

Whether you already own an SMSF or you are considering this form of investment in your future, Fountain Property Group  offer innovative and lucrative investment solutions that will slot straight into this form of strategic investment.

We do the Hard Yards

During our long association with the property market, we have come to understand and identify that just under half of all real estate transactions are made by people looking to create a wealthy nest egg for their retirement.

We were able to quickly identify that many investors be they old hands in the industry or newcomers, were time poor or had little knowledge or resources to correctly and decisively conduct their own due diligence.

Any number of our clients can make more money doing what they do and leaving this form of investigation to us. We take the stress, strain and, most importantly, the risk out of buying all forms of property.

Not only are we far better equipped to carry out these critical investigations using our vast network of contacts, we are also in the enviable position of being able to network with any number of reputable people in the accounting and mortgage sectors.

Take advantage of our vast experience, skill, and contacts. You will not be disappointed.