Retain Your Quality Tenants With A Well-Maintained Property

To attract quality tenants, owners must be prepared to keep their properties in good condition. Gone are the days when tenants were desperate for a roof over their heads and would accept sub-standard accommodation. Tenants now are often looking for long-term rentals and expect that, in exchange for their rent and care of the various properties, the owners will keep them well-maintained.

How Investors Keep their Holdings in Good Condition

For owners with a number of rental properties, this can pose a problem, as these days, very few of them would be expecting to do any of the cleaning or maintenance personally. They usually have no emotional attachment to their holdings, as they are a means of building wealth over time and are treated strictly as an investment.

This is an area where we have considerable expertise. With many years of experience in real estate and financial planningFountain Property Group has experts in accounting, legal and finance to help you select the right property to suit your investment portfolio.

A Good Property Manager is a Priceless Asset

All our pre-selected properties are in great locations and in excellent condition. Keeping them that way not only attracts quality tenants but also builds equity ready for the time the owners decide to convert their investment to cash. This is where having a hard-working, professional property manager begins to bear fruit.

Property managers deal with all the issues that occur during a tenancy on behalf of the owner. They screen new tenants, prepare tenancy agreements, conduct regular property inspections and generally perform all the administration tasks on behalf of the owners.

Cleaning and Maintenance Maximises the Value of the Property

As far as maintenance is concerned, it is the property manager who alerts the owner to any issues needing attention. Perhaps the interior needs cleaning or even painting. Window or floor coverings may have reached the stage through normal wear and tear, where they should be replaced. These maintenance tasks will need to be done to maximise the value of the property.

Everyone Should Feel Safe in Their Homes

In these times of opportunist crimes, good tenants expect their safety to be of concern to the owners. Most private dwellings these days have security measures in place, and tenants expect nothing less for their homes. An investment in security screens, doors, locks, and external lighting will be appreciated by those tenants that investors want to retain.

All of these issues can be handled by a property manager under authority from the owners to manage a pre-agreed budget. Holding investment properties through our company is a truly hassle-free way to create the wealth needed in retirement to live a comfortable lifestyle.

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