Finding The Right Mentor

If you are into property investment then you are in it to earn some form of remuneration. Now we are not saying that you cannot be in this industry for fun. We love this industry with a passion.

When you find your passion the work you do to achieve it becomes fun. We enjoy the triumph of guiding our clients through the sometimes murky waters of real estate investment. It is so satisfying to be able to help people grow their finances and see them blossom

If you have ever been to see the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Pat Mesiti, Tony Robbins, or John De Martini, there is one thing they tell you to do if you want to be successful in any venture That is to find a mentor—someone who you can connect with.

Leaders in Our Field

Fountain Property Group are investment property specialists. We possess over 15 years’ experience guiding and mentoring in this field. Our affiliated mortgage specialists have a huge 24-year span in the industry and are a huge fountain of knowledge.

Our Beliefs

We have an innate grasp on what we believe are the five areas of successful investing.

These areas consist of:

Structure and finance

Asset Protection

Cash flow and tax

Supply and demand

Property management.

As you can see, you must put some thought into your investment strategy before you even think about looking at property or talking to your bank.

Getting your structure and finance right is the single most important step in your journey. Once you have laid a good strong foundation it will be much easier to build your empire.

Where We Differ

As a non-affiliated company we are not restricted by territories such as other agencies may be. But even deeper than that, we have been able to niche our specialty down to what an investor requires from their property agent.

Yes, we are more than able to find you a great property to live in. It will be at a great price, in a great location that is sure to pay huge dividends in your future. All that aside, we are investment specialists and we can serve you all through your journey.

Here is what we offer

We can source your product. We can guide you through its purchase.

We can then expertly manage your property in such a way as to ensure it is best served to set you up for your next investment purchase. How does it get any better than that?