“Fountain Property Group can be described as playing in a league of their own when it comes to property advice, property sales, property management, and customer service. The company’s staff embody true customer care and they take their clients on a journey rather than a box-ticking exercise. It is a learning experience, not just the purchase of an investment property. They are your trusted advisor – which I would never ordinarily say about professionals in the real estate industry.

Unlike others in their field, the staff at Property Fountain Group staff have an experience that extends outside of just understanding a particular suburb trend, or “what’s in right now”. They have extensive knowledge of, and experience working in the real estate market, pairing this with expertise in finance to position their clients as best they possibly can with the capital they have to invest.

Here’s my experience with Fountain Property Group. Having very little knowledge about the property – especially investing in it- I entrusted Dorian Traill to recommend what was best for me. He explained why investing in Capalaba was preferred over purchasing within the Brisbane CBD, he spoke about rental returns, vacancy rates, tax benefits – a host of things I never even realised were important in the decision making the process. It’s just a rental property, right? Apparently not. After an initial conversation (think of it as a needs analysis) Dorian presented me with 5ish potential properties – a folder compiled on each. We walked through the two most suitable homes and within the same week I was signing a contract on the first one we’d seen – confident I’d made the right decision. 2 appointments, 2 walkthroughs, zero hassle and 30 days later I had a brand spanking new property. Hooray!

After what was a seamless experience with Dorian, I decided to also take on Fountain‘s property management services through the fabulous Vicki Stevens. Vicki with her diligence, foresight, and “get it done, quick smart” attitude had my property advertised and ready to be tenanted even before it had settled (unheard of). Her care factor extended so far as to chase solicitors and relevant parties on my behalf to ensure the entire exercise went off without a hitch. Thanks to her extraordinary skills, my new property was tenanted within a week of settlement, and with a higher rental yield than I had expected. Double hooray!

I was a first time property buyer and I instilled my complete trust in Fountain Property Group to do the right thing by me. It could have gone horribly wrong. Instead Dorian and Vicki went above and beyond, leaving me kicking myself that I didn’t engage with them sooner. I’ll certainly be back for property 2.”