Why Property Investment is Always Number One

There are many ways to skin a cat as we all know. If you want to create a nest egg for your future, you may choose to buy shares, deposit cash into some form of term deposit or invest in property.

Fountain Property Group are in the latter arena and we know this industry so well, we eat, drink and sleep it.

We don’t want to point out the pitfalls of investing in the share market or the low returns a term deposit offers. The truth is the share market can offer wonderful returns over time to a savvy investor and a term deposit may suit some people best.

What we would prefer to do is highlight the advantages of investing in hard solid earth, bricks and mortar or hardi plank, or corrugated iron or even just plane timber.

If it is for living in or for conducting a business, it’s for building wealth.

Capital Growth

Time and again it has been proven that if you hold any form of property for between 7 and 10 years or more you will see a growth in the value of your asset far beyond that of simply saving or other forms of investment.

The trick is in finding the right asset in the right location to ensure the maximum increase of growth you may receive.

Regular Income

Whilst it is advantageous to possess a positively geared asset, this is not always an option.

What is and always will be a constant is that some form of income is coming in.

The careful choice of position will always attract a stream of people just waiting to rent your home, offices or factory and help you pay off the debt.

Insurable Asset

Unlike a share portfolio or term deposit, any property is able to be insured against any number of negative outcomes.

Through fire, storms, flood and car crash you can insure your asset against damage and have it repaired without forking out more cash.

Tax Benefits and Incentives

For some reason the taxman smiles upon the investment of property like no other investment.

All sorts of tax breaks and incentives are offered to assist the investor of this style.

Anyone Can Do It! It does not matter whether you are a savvy developer, builder, banker, or a mum and dad investor.

With the money, the right advice, guidance and decisions, anyone can make a success of this form of investment.