Why Should You Invest In Property?

Here are 10 reasons why you should:

Leverage. Property is an investment type that provides you leverage that allows you to build wealth quickly. Properties in high growth areas pay for itself as it increases in value.

Simple. Once you have your finances in order, purchasing property is simple. Sure, you’ll be required to accomplish certain paperwork but the process in itself is straightforward. With appropriate financial advice and proper inspection, it is very unlikely that you’ll go wrong with your purchase.

Control. Because of the overall flexibility of property, you get to choose where you purchase, how you purchase and when you want to sell your investment.

Stable. Unlike other forms of investment such as stocks, real estate is less volatile even during tough economic conditions. For as long as there is a strong population growth, property will always be in demand. Even when property values drop, the only time you incur any loss is when you sell your property. The property market is cyclic – meaning, it’s only a matter of time before the prices pick up again.

Easy. Property terminologies are simple to understand. Resources are also available almost anywhere, and with data available 24/7 over the internet, you get the latest news and trends at your fingertips.

Tax deductions. Investment properties are eligible for tax deductions that greatly reduce your bills.

Tenants. If the investment is acquired through mortgage, tenants will pay this off for you while the property value increases over time.

Predictable. Unlike shares that changes in value within seconds, property is predictable. Market movements take months or years to take effect, allowing you to create a plan of action before it happens.

Recession – proof. Property is one of life’s basic necessities, even when extreme economic situations arise, such as a recession, people will still prioritize having a place to live over any other luxury.

Rich. 135 property investors are on the Forbes Billionaire list, with 14 joining just this year alone. Property has more billionaires than any other investment class.

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