Why Should You Teach Your Children Financial Literacy?

Allowing pets in your property can increase your chances of getting potential tenants, according to the RSPCA. There are certain things you should take into consideration to ensure that your properties are pet friendly.

Flooring is an important aspect to consider, as it is strongly suggested to have either tile or linoleum for your property’s floor. Ensure that your property is safe by securing it with the appropriate fencing. As a landlord, you can specify in your tenant agreements certain do’s and don’ts for pet owners.

Then again, why should you even consider pets? The numbers are staggering and once you figure out how many households have pets, you might want to start thinking about them. Out of 7.5 million Australian households 4,725,000 properties are leased to renters. 63% of Australian households include a pet. As a landlord, this is too big of a number to simply disregard.

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